Group Fitness Classes Blackburn North

How do we train at Second Self?

You will be in a small group of 4 - 16 people. These small groups will become your new fitness family, keep you accountable, make sure you actually show up, and of course will make your training fun

We will work on your nutrition. Everyone has different goals, and you need your nutrition to match. Good training + good nutrition = success

Keep on track with regular body measurements. we do this to make sure you are on the right track in accordance with your goals, and can make necessary adjustments if need be to keep you moving onwards and upwards at all times.

When training hard, it needs to be safe. We will run through posture screening and analysis to make sure you are lifting at the right depth, and correct technique at all times. Safe training means we can recover faster and train more often.

Even though we are in a group environment, your training will be personalised to you. We will do individual strength testing, which means you are always lifting weights which are appropriate to you. This is also another way too keep you training as accurate and safe as possible.

Are you ready to be serious with your training? If you are come and jump into a class. Get your first two weeks on us here.