Posture & Movement

What will you get with our posture and movement classes? We use the ideas of developmental kinesiology as a reset tool for your body.

First thing you will notice, is relief from you body aches and pains, and your body will start to feel like its gliding on a cloud. 

You will learn how to engage real core stability using your breathing and diaphragm control. This benefits everyone, from the advanced lifter, to the chronic back pain sufferer!

Through all the exercises and postures you will learn detailed body awareness and control. An important skill for all areas of life, but especially for anything requiring lifting, resistance or exertion. Better awareness means safer and stronger movements. 

These classes will teach you about meditation and mindfulness via movement. When participating in these classes, you will have to be fully present in the moment which will allow you leave your daily distractions at the door. 

Something that can be overlooked is increased performance from our posture and movement classes. Initially many people join for reducing body aches and pains. But a body that moves better, performs better in all areas of physical activity and movement. 

Sound like the class for you? Grab your 7 day free trial here.